Message From Our

Executive Director

OPCC is the safety net for low-income and homeless youth, adults and families, at-risk youth, battered women and their children, and people living with mental illness in Santa Monica and on the Westside of Los Angeles County. As the largest and most comprehensive provider of housing and services to very poor people in this region, we have a bold vision for making our community a better place for all of our residents, regardless of their economic circumstances or the multiple challenges they may be facing. And we do all of this amazing work while continuing to be good stewards of the precious resources that have been entrusted to us. 83 cents of every dollar received by OPCC goes into direct services for our clients. We don’t need billions of dollars to make a tremendous, life-changing impact on those we serve. Our passion for serving those who are most in need and vulnerable, combined with a zealous responsibility to wisely use what is given to us, means we will put your donations to good use in helping individuals live again with dignity and hope.

We’re not looking for a handout or a bailout, just the support of our neighbors and friends who believe as we do that a community helping others is a community helping itself. Won’t you please contribute today? A small investment in OPCC’s work will make a big difference in someone’s life.

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