Report Card



In One Year's Time at OPCC:

221 people moved into permanent housing and are no longer homeless with the help of OPCC 

734 men, women and children were made safer by moving them off the streets and providing them with interim housing at OPCC

1,375 unduplicated homeless individuals received services from OPCC

2,413 women and children benefited from domestic violence services from OPCC

221 people were outreached to by OPCC staff while still on the street and encouraged to participate in services at OPCC

541 individuals improved mental health thanks to participation in psychotherapy with OPCC’s mental health staff

720 individuals improved physical health thanks to participation in medical health services at OPCC

85 patients were treated to respite care at OPCC while recuperating from chronic or acute illnesses

2,581 calls were made to OPCC’s domestic violence hotline for crisis intervention

995 support groups were provided by OPCC for victims of domestic violence

305 at-risk youth were paired with shelter dogs to develop great self-esteem and pride as they helped the dogs become adoptable

3,869 community volunteers gave their time to help those at OPCC

39,102 volunteer hours were given by those community volunteers