Giving to OPCC

None of OPCC’s accomplishments or aspirations would be possible without the generosity of the many donors, including individuals, philanthropic foundations, corporations and businesses who – year after year – support our mission of empowering people to rebuild their lives.

For over forty-four years OPCC has been a community trust and has operated with great integrity and transparency in order to maintain this trust. As the problem of homelessness has grown, and as domestic violence and mental illness continue to be vexing problems in our community, OPCC has courageously risen to these challenges in ways that are necessary in order to ensure the availability of critically-needed services such as mental health counseling, rehabilitation programs, and assistance with locating and securing permanent housing and employment.

Without the financial support that we receive throughout the year, we simply could not produce the results that we produce or have the impact that we have in the community.

To all of our donors, please accept our sincere gratitude for your continuing financial support and for your encouragement to continue to do the difficult work that we do. And, for those of you who are considering making a gift to OPCC there is no better time than the present to “share your caring” by making a financial contribution and becoming a part of the growing network of heroes and heroines who share our vision of a healthier, stronger and more vibrant community.