Empowering people to rebuild their lives with a focus on providing clinical assessment and counseling to adults, children and families impacted by poverty, homelessness, mental illness and domestic violence.

At Campion, licensed therapists and closely supervised interns provide mental health services to residents in the community and clients at OPCC’s programs. Established in 1984, Campion’s clientele includes children and adults facing problems such as depression, anxiety and relationship challenges, as well as families facing poverty, mental illness and domestic violence. Campion provides clinical support, supervision and training to the staff at the other projects of OPCC to ensure that clients’ mental health needs are met and works with community agencies in order to reduce barriers to care for low and no income individuals and families. A brief list of Campion’s services include:

*Youth Outreach Counseling - Addresses at-risk adolescents and children on-site at local schools.
*Playroom Therapy - Specially equipped therapeutic playrooms where children (age 4 and older) learn to express themselves, increase their self-esteem and cope with often overwhelming circumstances.
*Support Groups –Some of the support groups that Campion provides includes life-skills, psycho-educational, men’s and women’s groups, and art therapy groups.
*Trauma Recovery Groups - Provides empowerment and assistance with forming and maintaining healthy relationships. Treatment includes learning to deal with trauma, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is a frequent reaction to homelessness and abuse.
*Victims of Crime Enrollment Assistance – Support for those eligible for the Victim of Crime Compensation program that pays for relocation, medical, dental and psychotherapy expenses for victims of violent crime.

Campion provides training to post-graduate interns who are completing their hours towards licensure and trainees who are completing the graduate education programs. Staff provides rigorous supervision and evaluation, which includes the use of videotaped sessions. This closely supervised experience generates well-trained, experienced mental health professionals.



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