Safe Haven

Safe Haven utilizes a “Housing First” community model to serve chronically homeless individuals living with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders, with 25 beds available and full day services for homeless people who are willing to come indoors on a trial basis or for a longer period. This gentle form of engagement, which does not require a commitment to services as a precondition for shelter, is accepted as a best practice by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and by homeless policy organizations throughout the nation.


OPCC’s Safe Haven is the first shelter utilizing this model for chronically homeless people on the Westside of Los Angeles. Safe Haven understands that the mental health and addiction disorders of this population are lifelong, has high tolerance for relapses as part of recovery, and emphasizes the building of trusting relationships with staff and other clients. In its new facility at the OPCC Cloverfield Services Center, Safe Haven offers a full range of services and supportive activities during the day and evening.

For more information please call Safe Haven: 310-883-1222.

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