When an individual has a stable environment, he or she is better able to create a stable life. “Housing First” is supported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as an effective strategy to end homelessness, and has been implemented to success in cities around the world.

At OPCC, we link clients with permanent supportive housing, interim and emergency housing. We provide ongoing supportive services to ensure the individual retains his or her housing.


The vast majority of OPCC clients suffer from a combination of mental health and physical disabilities. Because they have difficulty maintaining their health and housing on their own, we offer ongoing, onsite supports to the individual, including:

-          Case management

-          Mental health care

-          Benefits assistance

-          Substance abuse intervention

-          Links to medical care and a variety of community resources

These “wraparound services” greatly improve clients’ health and stability. Not only is "housing first" a benefit to the individual, but these services can be provided at a fraction of what it costs the public to provide systemic services to individuals in need.

In order to permanently end homelessness for our clients, we match them with the optimal form of permanent supportive housing that will meet their specific needs. This can mean:

-          Individual apartments, arranged with one of the many landlords with whom OPCC has developed positive, mutually beneficial relationships over the years, and subsidized through goverment funds and/or client income

-          Obtaining an apartment or home through government-subsidized Housing Choice Vouchers

-          Project-based housing, where other previously homeless clients live, with onsite supportive services

-          “Board and care” for clients who need additional supports

-          Skilled nursing for clients who require advanced medical assistance

-          Sober living programs

-          Special housing programs for unique populations, such as veterans and/or seniors

-          Reunification to family and loved ones


Our goal for all clients is permanent housing.

Due to the shortage of available affordable housing, our program participants often need interim housing during the time it takes for a housing option to become available to them. For this reason, OPCC operates multiple housing programs: Daybreak, Samoshel, Safe Haven and Turning Point, plus two domestic violence shelters as part of Sojourn.


Once they are housed, OPCC does everything we can to ensure our clients maintain the stability and safety of their new home.

We currently have a 95% housing retention rate across all programs, higher than the national average of 60% retention. In addition to supportive services, OPCC links newly housed clients with alumni groups who stay connected to a larger community, and inspire others in interim housing to get to the next step. 


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