Resource Boards

OPCC is fortunate to have the support of many volunteers each year. For some, this support comes in the way of participation on a Resource Board for a particular area of OPCC’s services. Currently, there are three active Resource Boards supporting the work of OPCC through fundraising and volunteer activities.

Daybreak Resource Board

Carolyn Behar (Chair)  Catherine McCabe
Betty Ballmer  Cynthia Cornell Novak
Jane Bard  Sonia Reznick
Sylvia Jones  Barbara Rosenblum
Robin Jordan  Bernice Segal
Karen E. Kennedy  Diane Shields
Isabel Kibel  MJ Shores
Mary Martin Barbara Zipperman

For more information about Daybreak's Resource Board or to get involved, please contact MannyTrujillo at (310) 264-6646 x. 275 or

k9 connection Resource Board

Katherine Beattie  Jill Posnick
Juliet Beynon  Karen Rosen
Rich Calabro  Nigel Sinclair
James Medlin  Pat Sinclair, J.D., MSW
Lynn Medlin

For more information about k9 connection's Resource Board or to get involved, please contact Juliet Beynon at (310) 508-0706 or

Sojourn Resource Board

Linda Diane Anderson, Esq. (Chair) Julie Nameth
Ray Coleman Sheila Ostrow
Beth Dorris, Esq. Marco Perry
Kathy Fisher Caren Rich, Psy.D.
Carole Jordan-Harris, M.D. Catalina Rodas
Linda Sallas, Esq. Shelby Tucker
Janet Sasser K.C. Victor, Esq.
Charleen Smith Joani Weir
Sheila Teplin Airionna Whitaker, Esq.
Meg Wilson, Esq Debbie Yoon Jones, Esq
Caroline Welch Marcy Welland
Mary Ann Rosenfeld, Psy. D. Lynell Chun
Mary Kay Kelly Michael Lavetter, Esq.

For more information about Sojourn's Resource Board or to get involved, please contact Michael Pegues at (310) 264-6646 x. 233 or


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