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Nonprofit Shopping Mall (NPSM) makes it easy to support OPCC while you shop through their website: You simply download the app to embed NPSM onto your computer. Then, every time you shop at an NPSM retailer, a percentage of your order will be donated to OPCC--all at no additional cost to you! If you prefer to not download the app, click here before you start your online shopping to choose from a list of 480 retailers, including Target, Nordstrom, Macy's, Amazon, Vons, Bloomingdales and Toys R Us just to name a few. Then, every time you shop online, a portion of your sale will benefit OPCC.


OPCC’s Shwashlock program (Showers, Washers and Lockers) helps individuals meet their basic needs of personal hygiene and overcome barriers that lead to housing and employment.

OPCC’s has partnered with to allow our supporters to purchase hygiene products at wholesale pricing and ship them directly to Shwashlock.

A little can go a long way; for less than $15, you can purchase 100 bars of soap, 100 packets of shaving cream or shampoo, 100 razors, or 144 toothbrushes. Please help us continue to meet the basic needs of the people we serve.

At check out, simply enter our address as the “ship to” address and will ship your donation directly to OPCC's Shwashlock. With a minimum order of $20, shipping is FREE! The packing slip for your order will also be sent to us so we can thank you.

OPCC Shwashlock
503 Olympic Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Got 5 Minutes?

It only takes 5 minutes to be the ultimate fundraiser.  OPCC has partnered
with Survey Monkey Contribute.   Sign up by clicking here and Survey Monkey will send you brief surveys based on your profile. For each one you complete, they will donate $0.50 to

Easy Rewards for OPCC

Shop at your local Ralphs and make a donation to OPCC without spending an extra dime!  You might be asking yourself: How is this possible?  How do I sign up? Ralphs Community Contribution program provides a simple way for you to support OPCC while grocery shopping.

To get started, just click here and create an online account linked to your Ralphs Rewards Card.  While signed in, click “Account Settings” and then in the “Community Rewards” box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, click “Edit”.  On the next screen choose either Safe Haven (ID#83915) or k9 connection (ID #84176).  Your enrollment in the CommunityContribution Program will be valid for one year. Remember to set yourself a reminder for next year so that you can continue rewarding OPCC while you shop




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