OPCC's SHWASHLOCK (SHowers, WASHers and LOCKers) offers a simple yet invaluable part of daily living: Dignity.

Individuals who are homeless can meet their basic hygiene needs and have a place to store their belongings, leaving them free to attend job training and interviews, classes and workshops and housing appointments.

SWASHLOCK not only provides a temporary solution for individuals needing a hot shower and clean clothes, but it also connects them to comprehensive, supportive services, helping them gain housing and grow increasingly independent. In our most recently completed fiscal year:

  • 125 unduplicated individuals made use of lockers
  • 125 individuals -- a full 100% of those using lockers -- were connected with interim and/or permanent housing through their work with OPCC's case managers 
  • 28,624 showers were taken
  • 1,301 loads of laundry were washed and dried 
SWASHLOCK is adjacent to OPCC's Access Center at 505 Olympic Boulevard. 


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