OPCC & Lamp Community Are United

OPCC and Lamp Community will move forward as one organization with a new name consistent with the values that both organizations have long held. That name is: The People Concern. 

We have chosen this new name to demonstrate our shared vision and renewed commitment to the belief that everyone should be housed, healthy and safe. Where others see "the homeless" or “victims,” we see individual people, with particular needs and choices. 

We move forward with this new identity knowing that it encapsulates our focus on long-term involvement in human lives, and the responsibility we bear in those relationships. We will continue to be an enterprise driven by compassion, professionalism and a profound respect for those we serve. Through comprehensive, integrated care, The People Concern will continue to empower the most vulnerable among us to rebuild their lives and become active participants in our broader community.

While our core pillars of service remain the same, elements of our visual identity will change in the coming months. Both OPCC and Lamp Community will be represented by one common logo, marketing materials will be refreshed, along with a host of other noticeable changes. We understand this transition will require adjustments that will begin normalize over time. But, we’re confident that our agency will continue to flourish under this new, unified identity.

Join us as we move forward and continue to advance our mission and model of care in our city, state and beyond!

With questions or for more information, please contact Kait Peters, Development Director at (310) 264-6646 x. 270.


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