505 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

SAMOSHEL (SAnta MOnica SHELter) provides interim shelter and a broad range of programs to 70 men and women in separate living quarters. It's also home to OPCC’s Wellness Beds Program that provides nursing services to clients with acute or chronic medical conditions, and it is the site of OPCC's High Need Room for clients with special challenges. 

The "big white tent" next door to the Access Center was erected by the City of Santa Monica as a temporary solution to end homelessness. As OPCC took over the operations in 2005, the agency kept the building intact, developing the space to include a community area, kitchen for meal services and volunteer opportunities, and a thriving garden outside.

If you reside in Santa Monica and are in need of shelter, please dial (310) 450-4050. 


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